The Best of the Colombian Natural Food Diversity

Welcome to Blue-B-Colombia. The best in products form the amazonas forrest, Orinoco River Basin Areas, and from Andean Region Crops.

It’s about Super Fruits…with the scientific and technical alliance with Inchi Institute – Colombia.

It is about Exotic Oil Extracts for skin protection…Anti-Aging Natural contents oil.

The Highest known Retinol, Vitamin E, and Omega 6 Oil in the world:from the amazon region of Colombia

It’s about exotic plants for human health… Sacha inchi oil and protein, in partnership and collaboration with the Andean communities in their one-family-farms.

Borojo: Super Fruit 18 essential Amino Acids content
Vegetable origin Omega 3, from the Andean and Orinoco Region of Colombia.
Extracted Oil Omega 3 from the plant Sacha inchi

It’s about Specialty Coffee with grades in Cup test beyond the flavors you know. Blue Beans from the Andes mountains from 1200-2000 mts altitude.

Colors of Nature finance, supports and exports the most selected grains -beans- of specialty  coffee. Winning already Barista and selected coffees awards in Japan, Colors of Nature has built already a recognition within the Japan gourmet coffee society.

Colors of Nature Co. S.A.S  – Mr. Felipe Ospina-CEO -[Colombia-Japan}



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