Blue-B-Colombia is registered in Cali, Colombia as Import-Export Blue-B-Colombia S.A.S.

Starting a subsidiary office in Japan since 2006 for outsourcing and Import/Export (bilateral trade) the company has succeeded  in establishing strong partnership with several manufacturers and exporters in Aichi Prefecture. Direct export or support to companies in Japan of used cars, ladies accessories, filtration equipment, and “mezurashii Japan” products: unique products made exclusively in Japan. Since 2010 then company has gain strength by building business relations throughout Asian countries (Taiwan< Korea, Vietnam, and China).

Address in Colombia: Calle 10 # 9-53 Cali- Colombia TEL: 57-8834165

Address in Japan: 〒 470-1168  Minami Yakata 194-3, Sakae-cho, Toyoake City – Japan
TEL: 81-80-3664-0432 FAX 81- 562741841


Bank in Japan:                   The Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.                                                        Sasajima  Branch. (677-2) 1-2-4 Meieki Nakamura –ku Nagoya, Japan  450 – 0002

Bank in Colombia: Banco Davivienda  S.A.  Colombia.

Management :

Benjamin Mendez – Funder & Manager. M.Sc. Kagoshima University- Biologist Universidad del Valle. International Consultant in Shrimp Aquaculture & Water Purification, from 1987-2006. Involved  in International trade and Marketing since 2006.
Company Main Business

Export of technological, industrial & Typical products from Japan.
Import of Super Fruits, Oils, and natural ingredients.
Bank Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ – Nagoya Branch.

Core Values & Philosophy

Money is just another commodity, never the goal or something that can buy our future, peace of mind or our soul. The purpose of a company should be though a sector or product, to attain wellbeing for its employees, and those involved in the effort of the pertinent job.

So, our vision is provide business opportunities, and products that can generate human wellbeing, and progress, and serve as a bridge for other with less tools or access to what we can offer. Always with heart and honesty.

Only only by focusing  in our mission while sticked to our values we can succeed against winds and clock. We will keep presenting products, components, raw materials, business relations ,and services that can help other industries in South America for enterprising or growth. Always in fairness, and looking for the wellbeing of our collaborators and business partners.

Blue-B-Colombia, CEO

A note:
In 1726, at the age of 20, Benjamin Franklin created a system to develop his character. In his autobiographytp, Franklin listed his thirteen virtues as:
Blue-B-Colombia wants to be active part of the development and trade growth in Colombia and Latino America. We follow guidance and get assistance from National and International organizations for quality standards, regulations and documentation. Dian, ICA, Invima and mincit.
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